Who we are

WebFolder OÜ is a software development company founded in 2017. Our mission is to provide secure and robust enterprise software.

What we do

We license our cdp4j technology to software development organizations who distribute our libraries with their products. We typically grant the right to issue an unlimited number of sublicenses, for a one-time fee. For all our licensees we offer ongoing Support Services for an annual fee, providing bug fixes and version upgrades on a regular basis.

Source Code

We provide our libraries with source code files. Our customers have the permission to modify source code.

Our Products


We have created cdp4j to help developers save time and focus on what really matters. A cross-platform library for automation of Chromium browser into Java applications.

We Offer Services Based on Our Products

We can add custom functionality to our products to make them a perfect match for your business or development needs.

A Few of Our Customers

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