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import io.webfolder.cdp.Launcher;
import io.webfolder.cdp.session.Session;
import io.webfolder.cdp.session.SessionFactory;

public class Attributes {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        URL url = Attributes.class.getResource("/attributes.html");

        Launcher launcher = new Launcher();

        try (SessionFactory factory = launcher.launch();
                Session session = factory.create()) {
            String value = session.getAttribute("input", "value");
            System.out.println("Old Value: " + value);
            session.setAttribute("input", "value", "bar");
            value = session.getAttribute("input", "value");
            System.out.println("New Value: " + value);
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Integration with Maven

To use the official release of cdp4j, please use the following snippet in your pom.xml file.
Add the following to your POM's <dependencies> tag: