Class NodesDisconnected


public class NodesDisconnected extends Object
Notifies that AudioNodes are disconnected. The destination can be null, and it means all the outgoing connections from the source are disconnected.
  • Constructor Details

    • NodesDisconnected

      public NodesDisconnected()
  • Method Details

    • getContextId

      public String getContextId()
    • setContextId

      public void setContextId(String contextId)
    • getSourceId

      public String getSourceId()
    • setSourceId

      public void setSourceId(String sourceId)
    • getDestinationId

      public String getDestinationId()
    • setDestinationId

      public void setDestinationId(String destinationId)
    • getSourceOutputIndex

      public Double getSourceOutputIndex()
    • setSourceOutputIndex

      public void setSourceOutputIndex(Double sourceOutputIndex)
    • getDestinationInputIndex

      public Double getDestinationInputIndex()
    • setDestinationInputIndex

      public void setDestinationInputIndex(Double destinationInputIndex)
    • toString

      public String toString()
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