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Pricing & Payment

License with 1 year of standard support & upgrades cost 500 Euro.

Commercial license is perpetual and allows to use the product indefinitely. The license allows you to use the product with SaaS or on-premise without any server, cpu or container limit.

A commercial license grants you:

  • Priority support on issues and features.
  • Re-packaging and on-premise installations.
  • No limits on concurrency or instances running.
  • Ability to modify the source for your own purposes.

Standard support plan includes:

  • Email support.
  • 48 hour response time, Monday-Friday 9:00AM-18:00PM GMT+2 (except holidays).
  • Single point of contact from your company.
  • Technical assistance for product configuration, upgrades, installation help and bug reports.
  • You may report new feature requests however we do not guarantee that all new requests are taken into consideration.

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