Interface Memory

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public interface Memory
  • Method Details

    • getDOMCounters

      GetDOMCountersResult getDOMCounters()
    • prepareForLeakDetection

      void prepareForLeakDetection()
    • forciblyPurgeJavaScriptMemory

      void forciblyPurgeJavaScriptMemory()
      Simulate OomIntervention by purging V8 memory.
    • setPressureNotificationsSuppressed

      void setPressureNotificationsSuppressed​(java.lang.Boolean suppressed)
      Enable/disable suppressing memory pressure notifications in all processes.
      suppressed - If true, memory pressure notifications will be suppressed.
    • simulatePressureNotification

      void simulatePressureNotification​(PressureLevel level)
      Simulate a memory pressure notification in all processes.
      level - Memory pressure level of the notification.
    • startSampling

      void startSampling​(java.lang.Integer samplingInterval, java.lang.Boolean suppressRandomness)
      Start collecting native memory profile.
      samplingInterval - Average number of bytes between samples.
      suppressRandomness - Do not randomize intervals between samples.
    • stopSampling

      void stopSampling()
      Stop collecting native memory profile.
    • getAllTimeSamplingProfile

      SamplingProfile getAllTimeSamplingProfile()
      Retrieve native memory allocations profile collected since renderer process startup.
    • getBrowserSamplingProfile

      SamplingProfile getBrowserSamplingProfile()
      Retrieve native memory allocations profile collected since browser process startup.
    • getSamplingProfile

      SamplingProfile getSamplingProfile()
      Retrieve native memory allocations profile collected since last `startSampling` call.
    • startSampling

      void startSampling()
      Start collecting native memory profile.