Enum Class Events

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<Events>, java.lang.constant.Constable

public enum Events extends Enum<Events>
  • Enum Constant Details

    • AccessibilityLoadComplete

      public static final Events AccessibilityLoadComplete
      The loadComplete event mirrors the load complete event sent by the browser to assistive technology when the web page has finished loading.
    • AccessibilityNodesUpdated

      public static final Events AccessibilityNodesUpdated
      The nodesUpdated event is sent every time a previously requested node has changed the in tree.
    • AnimationAnimationCanceled

      public static final Events AnimationAnimationCanceled
      Event for when an animation has been cancelled.
    • AnimationAnimationCreated

      public static final Events AnimationAnimationCreated
      Event for each animation that has been created.
    • AnimationAnimationStarted

      public static final Events AnimationAnimationStarted
      Event for animation that has been started.
    • AuditsIssueAdded

      public static final Events AuditsIssueAdded
    • BackgroundServiceRecordingStateChanged

      public static final Events BackgroundServiceRecordingStateChanged
      Called when the recording state for the service has been updated.
    • BackgroundServiceBackgroundServiceEventReceived

      public static final Events BackgroundServiceBackgroundServiceEventReceived
      Called with all existing backgroundServiceEvents when enabled, and all new events afterwards if enabled and recording.
    • BrowserDownloadWillBegin

      public static final Events BrowserDownloadWillBegin
      Fired when page is about to start a download.
    • BrowserDownloadProgress

      public static final Events BrowserDownloadProgress
      Fired when download makes progress. Last call has |done| == true.
    • CSSFontsUpdated

      public static final Events CSSFontsUpdated
      Fires whenever a web font is updated. A non-empty font parameter indicates a successfully loaded web font
    • CSSMediaQueryResultChanged

      public static final Events CSSMediaQueryResultChanged
      Fires whenever a MediaQuery result changes (for example, after a browser window has been resized.) The current implementation considers only viewport-dependent media features.
    • CSSStyleSheetAdded

      public static final Events CSSStyleSheetAdded
      Fired whenever an active document stylesheet is added.
    • CSSStyleSheetChanged

      public static final Events CSSStyleSheetChanged
      Fired whenever a stylesheet is changed as a result of the client operation.
    • CSSStyleSheetRemoved

      public static final Events CSSStyleSheetRemoved
      Fired whenever an active document stylesheet is removed.
    • CastSinksUpdated

      public static final Events CastSinksUpdated
      This is fired whenever the list of available sinks changes. A sink is a device or a software surface that you can cast to.
    • CastIssueUpdated

      public static final Events CastIssueUpdated
      This is fired whenever the outstanding issue/error message changes. |issueMessage| is empty if there is no issue.
    • DOMAttributeModified

      public static final Events DOMAttributeModified
      Fired when Element's attribute is modified.
    • DOMAttributeRemoved

      public static final Events DOMAttributeRemoved
      Fired when Element's attribute is removed.
    • DOMCharacterDataModified

      public static final Events DOMCharacterDataModified
      Mirrors DOMCharacterDataModified event.
    • DOMChildNodeCountUpdated

      public static final Events DOMChildNodeCountUpdated
      Fired when Container's child node count has changed.
    • DOMChildNodeInserted

      public static final Events DOMChildNodeInserted
      Mirrors DOMNodeInserted event.
    • DOMChildNodeRemoved

      public static final Events DOMChildNodeRemoved
      Mirrors DOMNodeRemoved event.
    • DOMDistributedNodesUpdated

      public static final Events DOMDistributedNodesUpdated
      Called when distribution is changed.
    • DOMDocumentUpdated

      public static final Events DOMDocumentUpdated
      Fired when Document has been totally updated. Node ids are no longer valid.
    • DOMInlineStyleInvalidated

      public static final Events DOMInlineStyleInvalidated
      Fired when Element's inline style is modified via a CSS property modification.
    • DOMPseudoElementAdded

      public static final Events DOMPseudoElementAdded
      Called when a pseudo element is added to an element.
    • DOMTopLayerElementsUpdated

      public static final Events DOMTopLayerElementsUpdated
      Called when top layer elements are changed.
    • DOMPseudoElementRemoved

      public static final Events DOMPseudoElementRemoved
      Called when a pseudo element is removed from an element.
    • DOMSetChildNodes

      public static final Events DOMSetChildNodes
      Fired when backend wants to provide client with the missing DOM structure. This happens upon most of the calls requesting node ids.
    • DOMShadowRootPopped

      public static final Events DOMShadowRootPopped
      Called when shadow root is popped from the element.
    • DOMShadowRootPushed

      public static final Events DOMShadowRootPushed
      Called when shadow root is pushed into the element.
    • DOMStorageDomStorageItemAdded

      public static final Events DOMStorageDomStorageItemAdded
    • DOMStorageDomStorageItemRemoved

      public static final Events DOMStorageDomStorageItemRemoved
    • DOMStorageDomStorageItemUpdated

      public static final Events DOMStorageDomStorageItemUpdated
    • DOMStorageDomStorageItemsCleared

      public static final Events DOMStorageDomStorageItemsCleared
    • DatabaseAddDatabase

      public static final Events DatabaseAddDatabase
    • EmulationVirtualTimeBudgetExpired

      public static final Events EmulationVirtualTimeBudgetExpired
      Notification sent after the virtual time budget for the current VirtualTimePolicy has run out.
    • HeadlessExperimentalNeedsBeginFramesChanged

      public static final Events HeadlessExperimentalNeedsBeginFramesChanged
      Issued when the target starts or stops needing BeginFrames. Deprecated. Issue beginFrame unconditionally instead and use result from beginFrame to detect whether the frames were suppressed.
    • InputDragIntercepted

      public static final Events InputDragIntercepted
      Emitted only when Input.setInterceptDrags is enabled. Use this data with Input.dispatchDragEvent to restore normal drag and drop behavior.
    • InspectorDetached

      public static final Events InspectorDetached
      Fired when remote debugging connection is about to be terminated. Contains detach reason.
    • InspectorTargetCrashed

      public static final Events InspectorTargetCrashed
      Fired when debugging target has crashed
    • InspectorTargetReloadedAfterCrash

      public static final Events InspectorTargetReloadedAfterCrash
      Fired when debugging target has reloaded after crash
    • LayerTreeLayerPainted

      public static final Events LayerTreeLayerPainted
    • LayerTreeLayerTreeDidChange

      public static final Events LayerTreeLayerTreeDidChange
    • LogEntryAdded

      public static final Events LogEntryAdded
      Issued when new message was logged.
    • NetworkDataReceived

      public static final Events NetworkDataReceived
      Fired when data chunk was received over the network.
    • NetworkEventSourceMessageReceived

      public static final Events NetworkEventSourceMessageReceived
      Fired when EventSource message is received.
    • NetworkLoadingFailed

      public static final Events NetworkLoadingFailed
      Fired when HTTP request has failed to load.
    • NetworkLoadingFinished

      public static final Events NetworkLoadingFinished
      Fired when HTTP request has finished loading.
    • NetworkRequestIntercepted

      public static final Events NetworkRequestIntercepted
      Details of an intercepted HTTP request, which must be either allowed, blocked, modified or mocked. Deprecated, use Fetch.requestPaused instead.
    • NetworkRequestServedFromCache

      public static final Events NetworkRequestServedFromCache
      Fired if request ended up loading from cache.
    • NetworkRequestWillBeSent

      public static final Events NetworkRequestWillBeSent
      Fired when page is about to send HTTP request.
    • NetworkResourceChangedPriority

      public static final Events NetworkResourceChangedPriority
      Fired when resource loading priority is changed
    • NetworkSignedExchangeReceived

      public static final Events NetworkSignedExchangeReceived
      Fired when a signed exchange was received over the network
    • NetworkResponseReceived

      public static final Events NetworkResponseReceived
      Fired when HTTP response is available.
    • NetworkWebSocketClosed

      public static final Events NetworkWebSocketClosed
      Fired when WebSocket is closed.
    • NetworkWebSocketCreated

      public static final Events NetworkWebSocketCreated
      Fired upon WebSocket creation.
    • NetworkWebSocketFrameError

      public static final Events NetworkWebSocketFrameError
      Fired when WebSocket message error occurs.
    • NetworkWebSocketFrameReceived

      public static final Events NetworkWebSocketFrameReceived
      Fired when WebSocket message is received.
    • NetworkWebSocketFrameSent

      public static final Events NetworkWebSocketFrameSent
      Fired when WebSocket message is sent.
    • NetworkWebSocketHandshakeResponseReceived

      public static final Events NetworkWebSocketHandshakeResponseReceived
      Fired when WebSocket handshake response becomes available.
    • NetworkWebSocketWillSendHandshakeRequest

      public static final Events NetworkWebSocketWillSendHandshakeRequest
      Fired when WebSocket is about to initiate handshake.
    • NetworkWebTransportCreated

      public static final Events NetworkWebTransportCreated
      Fired upon WebTransport creation.
    • NetworkWebTransportConnectionEstablished

      public static final Events NetworkWebTransportConnectionEstablished
      Fired when WebTransport handshake is finished.
    • NetworkWebTransportClosed

      public static final Events NetworkWebTransportClosed
      Fired when WebTransport is disposed.
    • NetworkRequestWillBeSentExtraInfo

      public static final Events NetworkRequestWillBeSentExtraInfo
      Fired when additional information about a requestWillBeSent event is available from the network stack. Not every requestWillBeSent event will have an additional requestWillBeSentExtraInfo fired for it, and there is no guarantee whether requestWillBeSent or requestWillBeSentExtraInfo will be fired first for the same request.
    • NetworkResponseReceivedExtraInfo

      public static final Events NetworkResponseReceivedExtraInfo
      Fired when additional information about a responseReceived event is available from the network stack. Not every responseReceived event will have an additional responseReceivedExtraInfo for it, and responseReceivedExtraInfo may be fired before or after responseReceived.
    • NetworkTrustTokenOperationDone

      public static final Events NetworkTrustTokenOperationDone
      Fired exactly once for each Trust Token operation. Depending on the type of the operation and whether the operation succeeded or failed, the event is fired before the corresponding request was sent or after the response was received.
    • NetworkSubresourceWebBundleMetadataReceived

      public static final Events NetworkSubresourceWebBundleMetadataReceived
      Fired once when parsing the .wbn file has succeeded. The event contains the information about the web bundle contents.
    • NetworkSubresourceWebBundleMetadataError

      public static final Events NetworkSubresourceWebBundleMetadataError
      Fired once when parsing the .wbn file has failed.
    • NetworkSubresourceWebBundleInnerResponseParsed

      public static final Events NetworkSubresourceWebBundleInnerResponseParsed
      Fired when handling requests for resources within a .wbn file. Note: this will only be fired for resources that are requested by the webpage.
    • NetworkSubresourceWebBundleInnerResponseError

      public static final Events NetworkSubresourceWebBundleInnerResponseError
      Fired when request for resources within a .wbn file failed.
    • NetworkReportingApiReportAdded

      public static final Events NetworkReportingApiReportAdded
      Is sent whenever a new report is added. And after 'enableReportingApi' for all existing reports.
    • NetworkReportingApiReportUpdated

      public static final Events NetworkReportingApiReportUpdated
    • NetworkReportingApiEndpointsChangedForOrigin

      public static final Events NetworkReportingApiEndpointsChangedForOrigin
    • OverlayInspectNodeRequested

      public static final Events OverlayInspectNodeRequested
      Fired when the node should be inspected. This happens after call to setInspectMode or when user manually inspects an element.
    • OverlayNodeHighlightRequested

      public static final Events OverlayNodeHighlightRequested
      Fired when the node should be highlighted. This happens after call to setInspectMode.
    • OverlayScreenshotRequested

      public static final Events OverlayScreenshotRequested
      Fired when user asks to capture screenshot of some area on the page.
    • OverlayInspectModeCanceled

      public static final Events OverlayInspectModeCanceled
      Fired when user cancels the inspect mode.
    • PageDomContentEventFired

      public static final Events PageDomContentEventFired
    • PageFileChooserOpened

      public static final Events PageFileChooserOpened
      Emitted only when page.interceptFileChooser is enabled.
    • PageFrameAttached

      public static final Events PageFrameAttached
      Fired when frame has been attached to its parent.
    • PageFrameClearedScheduledNavigation

      public static final Events PageFrameClearedScheduledNavigation
      Fired when frame no longer has a scheduled navigation.
    • PageFrameDetached

      public static final Events PageFrameDetached
      Fired when frame has been detached from its parent.
    • PageFrameNavigated

      public static final Events PageFrameNavigated
      Fired once navigation of the frame has completed. Frame is now associated with the new loader.
    • PageDocumentOpened

      public static final Events PageDocumentOpened
      Fired when opening document to write to.
    • PageFrameResized

      public static final Events PageFrameResized
    • PageFrameRequestedNavigation

      public static final Events PageFrameRequestedNavigation
      Fired when a renderer-initiated navigation is requested. Navigation may still be cancelled after the event is issued.
    • PageFrameScheduledNavigation

      public static final Events PageFrameScheduledNavigation
      Fired when frame schedules a potential navigation.
    • PageFrameStartedLoading

      public static final Events PageFrameStartedLoading
      Fired when frame has started loading.
    • PageFrameStoppedLoading

      public static final Events PageFrameStoppedLoading
      Fired when frame has stopped loading.
    • PageDownloadWillBegin

      public static final Events PageDownloadWillBegin
      Fired when page is about to start a download. Deprecated. Use Browser.downloadWillBegin instead.
    • PageDownloadProgress

      public static final Events PageDownloadProgress
      Fired when download makes progress. Last call has |done| == true. Deprecated. Use Browser.downloadProgress instead.
    • PageInterstitialHidden

      public static final Events PageInterstitialHidden
      Fired when interstitial page was hidden
    • PageInterstitialShown

      public static final Events PageInterstitialShown
      Fired when interstitial page was shown
    • PageJavascriptDialogClosed

      public static final Events PageJavascriptDialogClosed
      Fired when a JavaScript initiated dialog (alert, confirm, prompt, or onbeforeunload) has been closed.
    • PageJavascriptDialogOpening

      public static final Events PageJavascriptDialogOpening
      Fired when a JavaScript initiated dialog (alert, confirm, prompt, or onbeforeunload) is about to open.
    • PageLifecycleEvent

      public static final Events PageLifecycleEvent
      Fired for top level page lifecycle events such as navigation, load, paint, etc.
    • PageBackForwardCacheNotUsed

      public static final Events PageBackForwardCacheNotUsed
      Fired for failed bfcache history navigations if BackForwardCache feature is enabled. Do not assume any ordering with the Page.frameNavigated event. This event is fired only for main-frame history navigation where the document changes (non-same-document navigations), when bfcache navigation fails.
    • PagePrerenderAttemptCompleted

      public static final Events PagePrerenderAttemptCompleted
      Fired when a prerender attempt is completed.
    • PageLoadEventFired

      public static final Events PageLoadEventFired
    • PageScreencastFrame

      public static final Events PageScreencastFrame
      Compressed image data requested by the startScreencast.
    • PageScreencastVisibilityChanged

      public static final Events PageScreencastVisibilityChanged
      Fired when the page with currently enabled screencast was shown or hidden .
    • PageWindowOpen

      public static final Events PageWindowOpen
      Fired when a new window is going to be opened, via window.open(), link click, form submission, etc.
    • PageCompilationCacheProduced

      public static final Events PageCompilationCacheProduced
      Issued for every compilation cache generated. Is only available if Page.setGenerateCompilationCache is enabled.
    • PerformanceMetrics

      public static final Events PerformanceMetrics
      Current values of the metrics.
    • PerformanceTimelineTimelineEventAdded

      public static final Events PerformanceTimelineTimelineEventAdded
      Sent when a performance timeline event is added. See reportPerformanceTimeline method.
    • SecurityCertificateError

      public static final Events SecurityCertificateError
      There is a certificate error. If overriding certificate errors is enabled, then it should be handled with the handleCertificateError command. Note: this event does not fire if the certificate error has been allowed internally. Only one client per target should override certificate errors at the same time.
    • SecurityVisibleSecurityStateChanged

      public static final Events SecurityVisibleSecurityStateChanged
      The security state of the page changed.
    • SecuritySecurityStateChanged

      public static final Events SecuritySecurityStateChanged
      The security state of the page changed. No longer being sent.
    • ServiceWorkerWorkerErrorReported

      public static final Events ServiceWorkerWorkerErrorReported
    • ServiceWorkerWorkerRegistrationUpdated

      public static final Events ServiceWorkerWorkerRegistrationUpdated
    • ServiceWorkerWorkerVersionUpdated

      public static final Events ServiceWorkerWorkerVersionUpdated
    • StorageCacheStorageContentUpdated

      public static final Events StorageCacheStorageContentUpdated
      A cache's contents have been modified.
    • StorageCacheStorageListUpdated

      public static final Events StorageCacheStorageListUpdated
      A cache has been added/deleted.
    • StorageIndexedDBContentUpdated

      public static final Events StorageIndexedDBContentUpdated
      The origin's IndexedDB object store has been modified.
    • StorageIndexedDBListUpdated

      public static final Events StorageIndexedDBListUpdated
      The origin's IndexedDB database list has been modified.
    • StorageInterestGroupAccessed

      public static final Events StorageInterestGroupAccessed
      One of the interest groups was accessed by the associated page.
    • TargetAttachedToTarget

      public static final Events TargetAttachedToTarget
      Issued when attached to target because of auto-attach or attachToTarget command.
    • TargetDetachedFromTarget

      public static final Events TargetDetachedFromTarget
      Issued when detached from target for any reason (including detachFromTarget command). Can be issued multiple times per target if multiple sessions have been attached to it.
    • TargetReceivedMessageFromTarget

      public static final Events TargetReceivedMessageFromTarget
      Notifies about a new protocol message received from the session (as reported in attachedToTarget event).
    • TargetTargetCreated

      public static final Events TargetTargetCreated
      Issued when a possible inspection target is created.
    • TargetTargetDestroyed

      public static final Events TargetTargetDestroyed
      Issued when a target is destroyed.
    • TargetTargetCrashed

      public static final Events TargetTargetCrashed
      Issued when a target has crashed.
    • TargetTargetInfoChanged

      public static final Events TargetTargetInfoChanged
      Issued when some information about a target has changed. This only happens between targetCreated and targetDestroyed.
    • TetheringAccepted

      public static final Events TetheringAccepted
      Informs that port was successfully bound and got a specified connection id.
    • TracingBufferUsage

      public static final Events TracingBufferUsage
    • TracingDataCollected

      public static final Events TracingDataCollected
      Contains an bucket of collected trace events. When tracing is stopped collected events will be send as a sequence of dataCollected events followed by tracingComplete event.
    • TracingTracingComplete

      public static final Events TracingTracingComplete
      Signals that tracing is stopped and there is no trace buffers pending flush, all data were delivered via dataCollected events.
    • FetchRequestPaused

      public static final Events FetchRequestPaused
      Issued when the domain is enabled and the request URL matches the specified filter. The request is paused until the client responds with one of continueRequest, failRequest or fulfillRequest. The stage of the request can be determined by presence of responseErrorReason and responseStatusCode -- the request is at the response stage if either of these fields is present and in the request stage otherwise.
    • FetchAuthRequired

      public static final Events FetchAuthRequired
      Issued when the domain is enabled with handleAuthRequests set to true. The request is paused until client responds with continueWithAuth.
    • WebAudioContextCreated

      public static final Events WebAudioContextCreated
      Notifies that a new BaseAudioContext has been created.
    • WebAudioContextWillBeDestroyed

      public static final Events WebAudioContextWillBeDestroyed
      Notifies that an existing BaseAudioContext will be destroyed.
    • WebAudioContextChanged

      public static final Events WebAudioContextChanged
      Notifies that existing BaseAudioContext has changed some properties (id stays the same)..
    • WebAudioAudioListenerCreated

      public static final Events WebAudioAudioListenerCreated
      Notifies that the construction of an AudioListener has finished.
    • WebAudioAudioListenerWillBeDestroyed

      public static final Events WebAudioAudioListenerWillBeDestroyed
      Notifies that a new AudioListener has been created.
    • WebAudioAudioNodeCreated

      public static final Events WebAudioAudioNodeCreated
      Notifies that a new AudioNode has been created.
    • WebAudioAudioNodeWillBeDestroyed

      public static final Events WebAudioAudioNodeWillBeDestroyed
      Notifies that an existing AudioNode has been destroyed.
    • WebAudioAudioParamCreated

      public static final Events WebAudioAudioParamCreated
      Notifies that a new AudioParam has been created.
    • WebAudioAudioParamWillBeDestroyed

      public static final Events WebAudioAudioParamWillBeDestroyed
      Notifies that an existing AudioParam has been destroyed.
    • WebAudioNodesConnected

      public static final Events WebAudioNodesConnected
      Notifies that two AudioNodes are connected.
    • WebAudioNodesDisconnected

      public static final Events WebAudioNodesDisconnected
      Notifies that AudioNodes are disconnected. The destination can be null, and it means all the outgoing connections from the source are disconnected.
    • WebAudioNodeParamConnected

      public static final Events WebAudioNodeParamConnected
      Notifies that an AudioNode is connected to an AudioParam.
    • WebAudioNodeParamDisconnected

      public static final Events WebAudioNodeParamDisconnected
      Notifies that an AudioNode is disconnected to an AudioParam.
    • MediaPlayerPropertiesChanged

      public static final Events MediaPlayerPropertiesChanged
      This can be called multiple times, and can be used to set / override / remove player properties. A null propValue indicates removal.
    • MediaPlayerEventsAdded

      public static final Events MediaPlayerEventsAdded
      Send events as a list, allowing them to be batched on the browser for less congestion. If batched, events must ALWAYS be in chronological order.
    • MediaPlayerMessagesLogged

      public static final Events MediaPlayerMessagesLogged
      Send a list of any messages that need to be delivered.
    • MediaPlayerErrorsRaised

      public static final Events MediaPlayerErrorsRaised
      Send a list of any errors that need to be delivered.
    • MediaPlayersCreated

      public static final Events MediaPlayersCreated
      Called whenever a player is created, or when a new agent joins and receives a list of active players. If an agent is restored, it will receive the full list of player ids and all events again.
    • ConsoleMessageAdded

      public static final Events ConsoleMessageAdded
      Issued when new console message is added.
    • DebuggerBreakpointResolved

      public static final Events DebuggerBreakpointResolved
      Fired when breakpoint is resolved to an actual script and location.
    • DebuggerPaused

      public static final Events DebuggerPaused
      Fired when the virtual machine stopped on breakpoint or exception or any other stop criteria.
    • DebuggerResumed

      public static final Events DebuggerResumed
      Fired when the virtual machine resumed execution.
    • DebuggerScriptFailedToParse

      public static final Events DebuggerScriptFailedToParse
      Fired when virtual machine fails to parse the script.
    • DebuggerScriptParsed

      public static final Events DebuggerScriptParsed
      Fired when virtual machine parses script. This event is also fired for all known and uncollected scripts upon enabling debugger.
    • HeapProfilerAddHeapSnapshotChunk

      public static final Events HeapProfilerAddHeapSnapshotChunk
    • HeapProfilerHeapStatsUpdate

      public static final Events HeapProfilerHeapStatsUpdate
      If heap objects tracking has been started then backend may send update for one or more fragments
    • HeapProfilerLastSeenObjectId

      public static final Events HeapProfilerLastSeenObjectId
      If heap objects tracking has been started then backend regularly sends a current value for last seen object id and corresponding timestamp. If the were changes in the heap since last event then one or more heapStatsUpdate events will be sent before a new lastSeenObjectId event.
    • HeapProfilerReportHeapSnapshotProgress

      public static final Events HeapProfilerReportHeapSnapshotProgress
    • HeapProfilerResetProfiles

      public static final Events HeapProfilerResetProfiles
    • ProfilerConsoleProfileFinished

      public static final Events ProfilerConsoleProfileFinished
    • ProfilerConsoleProfileStarted

      public static final Events ProfilerConsoleProfileStarted
      Sent when new profile recording is started using console.profile() call.
    • ProfilerPreciseCoverageDeltaUpdate

      public static final Events ProfilerPreciseCoverageDeltaUpdate
      Reports coverage delta since the last poll (either from an event like this, or from takePreciseCoverage for the current isolate. May only be sent if precise code coverage has been started. This event can be trigged by the embedder to, for example, trigger collection of coverage data immediately at a certain point in time.
    • RuntimeBindingCalled

      public static final Events RuntimeBindingCalled
      Notification is issued every time when binding is called.
    • RuntimeConsoleAPICalled

      public static final Events RuntimeConsoleAPICalled
      Issued when console API was called.
    • RuntimeExceptionRevoked

      public static final Events RuntimeExceptionRevoked
      Issued when unhandled exception was revoked.
    • RuntimeExceptionThrown

      public static final Events RuntimeExceptionThrown
      Issued when exception was thrown and unhandled.
    • RuntimeExecutionContextCreated

      public static final Events RuntimeExecutionContextCreated
      Issued when new execution context is created.
    • RuntimeExecutionContextDestroyed

      public static final Events RuntimeExecutionContextDestroyed
      Issued when execution context is destroyed.
    • RuntimeExecutionContextsCleared

      public static final Events RuntimeExecutionContextsCleared
      Issued when all executionContexts were cleared in browser
    • RuntimeInspectRequested

      public static final Events RuntimeInspectRequested
      Issued when object should be inspected (for example, as a result of inspect() command line API call).
  • Field Details

    • domain

      public final String domain
    • name

      public final String name
    • klass

      public final Class klass
  • Method Details

    • values

      public static Events[] values()
      Returns an array containing the constants of this enum class, in the order they are declared.
      an array containing the constants of this enum class, in the order they are declared
    • valueOf

      public static Events valueOf(String name)
      Returns the enum constant of this class with the specified name. The string must match exactly an identifier used to declare an enum constant in this class. (Extraneous whitespace characters are not permitted.)
      name - the name of the enum constant to be returned.
      the enum constant with the specified name
      IllegalArgumentException - if this enum class has no constant with the specified name
      NullPointerException - if the argument is null
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Enum<Events>