Class DataEntry


public class DataEntry extends Object
Data entry.
  • Constructor Details

    • DataEntry

      public DataEntry()
  • Method Details

    • getRequestURL

      public String getRequestURL()
      Request URL.
    • setRequestURL

      public void setRequestURL(String requestURL)
      Request URL.
    • getRequestMethod

      public String getRequestMethod()
      Request method.
    • setRequestMethod

      public void setRequestMethod(String requestMethod)
      Request method.
    • getRequestHeaders

      public List<Header> getRequestHeaders()
      Request headers
    • setRequestHeaders

      public void setRequestHeaders(List<Header> requestHeaders)
      Request headers
    • getResponseTime

      public Double getResponseTime()
      Number of seconds since epoch.
    • setResponseTime

      public void setResponseTime(Double responseTime)
      Number of seconds since epoch.
    • getResponseStatus

      public Integer getResponseStatus()
      HTTP response status code.
    • setResponseStatus

      public void setResponseStatus(Integer responseStatus)
      HTTP response status code.
    • getResponseStatusText

      public String getResponseStatusText()
      HTTP response status text.
    • setResponseStatusText

      public void setResponseStatusText(String responseStatusText)
      HTTP response status text.
    • getResponseType

      public CachedResponseType getResponseType()
      HTTP response type
    • setResponseType

      public void setResponseType(CachedResponseType responseType)
      HTTP response type
    • getResponseHeaders

      public List<Header> getResponseHeaders()
      Response headers
    • setResponseHeaders

      public void setResponseHeaders(List<Header> responseHeaders)
      Response headers
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object