Class UserAgentMetadata


public class UserAgentMetadata extends Object
Used to specify User Agent Cient Hints to emulate See https://wicg github io/ua-client-hints Missing optional values will be filled in by the target with what it would normally use
  • Constructor Details

    • UserAgentMetadata

      public UserAgentMetadata()
  • Method Details

    • getBrands

      public List<UserAgentBrandVersion> getBrands()
    • setBrands

      public void setBrands(List<UserAgentBrandVersion> brands)
    • getFullVersion

      public String getFullVersion()
    • setFullVersion

      public void setFullVersion(String fullVersion)
    • getPlatform

      public String getPlatform()
    • setPlatform

      public void setPlatform(String platform)
    • getPlatformVersion

      public String getPlatformVersion()
    • setPlatformVersion

      public void setPlatformVersion(String platformVersion)
    • getArchitecture

      public String getArchitecture()
    • setArchitecture

      public void setArchitecture(String architecture)
    • getModel

      public String getModel()
    • setModel

      public void setModel(String model)
    • isMobile

      public Boolean isMobile()
    • setMobile

      public void setMobile(Boolean mobile)